• Murphy

    Murphy is a 5 year old shitzu/yorkie cross from Peterborough, ON. He loves to run fast doing zoomies in the yard, playing snowball fetch in the winter, and chilling in a hammock with his mom in the summer. 

    Murphy loves going for walks, especially on a beach, and will sniff out a toy or treat you didn’t even know was hidden.  He loves to be fashionable and match his cousins in his Pip & Penny bandanas. 

    Instagram: @chantal.p.s

    Wears size Small Collar

  • Nola

    Nola is a rescue from northern Manitoba! She was a stray dog before she came to Ontario and she is the sweetest girl, she is always wagging her tail and loves to meet all the dogs and people!!

    Nola had a litter of puppies 4 weeks after she was rescued and most of her puppies live in and around this area. She loves going on walks, laying in the sun and she loves her treats.

    Finally enjoying life as a dog, with a human who loves her!!

    Instagram: @_nolaroo

    Wears size Medium

  • Rougie

    Meet Rougie! She is a 1 year old Australian Shepherd/ Border Collie who is full of


    Rougie loves to learn new tricks, from jumping on her mom's back for a piggy back ride, to agility obstacles and much more.


    You can always find Rougie running and playing with her momma dog or at the farm with her horses.


    Looking forward to sharing our adventures and new tricks with you in our stylish Pip
    & Penny Co. attire!

    Instagram: @rouginator4thousand

    Wears size Large Snap

  • Bentley

    Bentley is a 6 month old Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle mix (Bernedoodle). He is surely the calmest puppy you will ever meet…until he meets a new human. He LOVES people and it definitely shows (he piddles EVERYWHERE)!! He is at his happiest snuggling up to his human. 

    Bentley is excited to continue to experience the world in Pip & Penny Co. attire. We have lots of adventures planned for this summer and can’t wait to share them with you! 

    Instagram: @bentleythe.bernie

    Wears size Large

  • Nebula

    Named after the luphomoid assassin from the Marvel Comics.

    Nebula the Border Collie is a 2 year old Intelligent, tenacious, energetic, loyal girl.

    She started her life as a TV star, catch her in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy!

    Nebula loves hiking, canoeing, and traveling. And of course is always sporting the latest doggie bandana fashion on all her adventures! 

    Instagram: @nebulathebordercollie
    Wears size Large

  • Rollo

    Rollo is a 2 year old energetic black Lab that has so much zest for life! He loves going on hikes, swimming at the beach, and doing zoomies in the backyard. Rollo's true love is FOOD! This guy will do anything for a treat!

    When Rollo is not outside chasing squirrels you can find him in the house dragging around mom's freshly washed blankets or carrying his stuffies. He just loves to always have something in his mouth. Rollo enjoys showing off his bandanas. It is something we started with him when he was just a pup. He is very paitent when he is asked to sit and stay for his photos. A true star in the making!

    Instagram: @the.real.rollo

    Wears size Large

  • Reese

    Bonjour! I’m Reese. I’m a year old Dutch Shepherd born and raised in Peterborough.

    I love going camping and playing with my friends at daycare.

    Supporting local is what my mum and I like to do. We are so excited to support this amazing business. My mum and I like to match, so we are here to show you some great Pip & Penny Co. creations. 

    Instagram: @resse_archer6m

    Wears size Medium

  • Zavie

    Hi! I’m Zavie! 

    I’m an almost 1yr old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. 

    I live in Northumberland County with my mom & dad.

    Some of my favourite things are: being moms favourite thing in the world, getting belly scrubs from dad, pups cups, and walkies with my friends!

    As you can tell….. I’m just a bit spoiled!

    Instagram: @zavie.the.toller

    Collar size: medium

  • Bean & Dyna

    Bean (Real Name is Niko) is a 5 year old dachshund, chihuahua mix from Peterborough ON! You can find Bean snuggled up on the couch with his mom and sister Dyna or outside in the sun if it’s above 20 degreesBean lives for truck rides and doing anything as long as his mom is with him!

    Dyna is a 12 week old German Shepherd and Chesapeake Bay Retriever from Peterborough ON.Dyna is a super active and social pup. She spends her time playing with her toys, playing outside for hours or snuggled up to mom on the couch.

    Instgram: @beananddyna

    Wears size Medium (Bean) & Large (Dyna)

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